# Master Server

The game provides a official master server at master.tomatenquark.org.

# Reporting players

If you think a player should be permanently excluded because he massively violated the community code of conduct please report to us to info at tomatenquark dot org.

# Applying to become a globally trusted user

Every server on the master list by default trusts the list of globally identified users. These users honour the community code of conduct and try to keep multiplayer lobbies fun.

If you would like to help keeping the game fun please file an issue in our repository with the following questionare:

  • [ ] your player name
  • [ ] do you consent to the community code of conduct?
  • [ ] on which servers do you play regularly?
  • [ ] which previous affiliation do you have with the game?

The Tomatenquark team will then decide whether or not additional trusted accounts should be issued.